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Fiona Davis, Marie Benedict & Brenda Janowitz

On this episode we are so lucky to have THREE authors joining us! For the main event we sit down with both Marie Benedict and Fiona Davis! Marie is the New York Times bestselling author of nine historical novels (including The Personal Librarian, The Only Woman in the Room, and The Mystery of Mrs. Christie). She found her calling unearthing the hidden stories of the most complex and fascinating women of history and introducing them to readers so we can reflect on their contributions and the insights they bring to modern day issues. She joins us to discuss her latest book, HER HIDDEN GENIUS, which reveals the story of Rosalind Franklin, the woman who changed the world with her discovery of the double helix DNA structure for which three men took the credit. Fiona Davis, the New York Times bestselling author of The Lions of Fifth Avenue, returns to F&F to discuss her tantalizing new novel about the secrets, betrayal, and murder within one of New York City’s most impressive Gilded Age mansions. Every one of Fiona’s six historical novels (including The Dollhouse, The Address, and The Chelsea Girls), are set in a different iconic New York City building. She joins us to discuss her new instant New York Times bestseller, THE MAGNOLIA PALACE, which has not only met with rave reviews, but is a Book of the Month Club pick. Stick around for the after show when we’re joined by Brenda Janowitz whose new novel THE LIZ TAYLOR RING was just released on Feb 1st. Named a Katie Couric Must Read Book for 2022 and one of PopSugar’s Most Anticipated books of the year, Brenda’s seventh novel is an immersive work of historical fiction about three siblings, a priceless family ring, and one legendary love story.

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