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Kristina McMorris

We are joined by show regular Kristina McMorris for a night of bookish talk, lots of laughs, and even a magic trick! Kristina joins us to discuss her brand-new book, just released this week, THE WAYS WE HIDE. The crew chat about the pressures of following up Kristina’s hugely successful million-copy bestseller, SOLD ON A MONDAY, her extensive research process into the mechanics of the magic, illusion, and spycraft of her main character, and are even treated to custom-made dossiers for each of the Fab Four and a magic trick! Kristina also briefly touches on her forthcoming collaboration with Ariel Lawhon & Susan Meissner, WHEN WE HAD WINGS. We round out the night with a writing tip, book recommendation, and a tip for how to raise your kids to be readers. On the after show, Patti joins us live from the streets of the New Orleans French Quarter where she was visiting for an indepdenent booksellers conference.

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