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Ariel Lawhon, Kristina McMorris + Susan Meissner

On this episode we have FOUR amazing author guests! On the first half of the show, meet the author trio of Ariel Lawhon, Susan Meissner & Kristina McMorris who join us to discuss the historical novel they team-wrote together, WHEN WE HAD WINGS, about three WWII nurses who wage their own battle for freedom and survival in the South Pacific. We find out their inspiration for this book, their research and process for writing together, and which of them wrote which character. On the second half of the show we introduce #1 bestselling author, Santa Montefiore, who is a huge bestseller in England with more than 3-million copies sold across Europe and novels translated into 20 languages. We talk to Santa about her children’s Royal Rabbits series she writes with her husband Simon Sebag Montefiore and discuss her spellbinding new novel set in war-torn Italy and the streets of New York, AN ITALIAN GIRL IN BROOKLYN, in which dark secrets and hidden sorrows abound.

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