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Alka Joshi

Two rockstar authors of historical fiction join the show. Meet Alka Joshi author of the blockbuster bestseller THE HENNA ARTIST and Martha Hall Kelly, author of the 1.5-million copy bestseller LILAC GIRLS. As authors of historical fiction, of trilogies whose debuts exploded onto the literary scene, and as former advertising executives, Martha and Alka have so much in common. We talk to them all about their career shifts, their writing & research process, and the challenges of crafting their trilogies, particularly after each of their debuts were so successful. We hear all about Alka’s latest, THE SECRET KEEPER OF JAIPUR, and Martha’s latest, SUNFLOWER SISTERS, and even get a sneak peek at each of their forthcoming 2023 novels. Then on the after show we meet the charming and hilarious Canadian debut novelist Nita Prose whose #1 bestselling heartwarming whodunnit, THE MAID, has taken the world by storm.

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