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Katherine Center

Get ready for a good time on this episode as we welcome two masters of heartwarming, feel-good fiction — Katherine Center and Linda Holmes! And we are treated to a visit from Leslie Hooton on the after show! The Fab Four discuss writing funny, crafting dialogue, and the meaning of home in Katherine’s and Linda’s novels. The group talks about their favorite masters and undiscovered gems in the rom-com genre—get ready to take notes with lots of reading recommendations. We get an inside look at Katherine’s new novel THE BODYGUARD and Linda’s new novel FLYING SOLO in a show that’s laced with loads of super fun pop culture references and lots of laughs. On the after show we are joined by Leslie Hooton who tells the incredible story of learning she’d been born with a stroke and how she has overcome that in her life and writing career. And we hear all about her brand new book AFTER EVERYONE ELSE, a sequel to her 2020 debut novel.

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